Welcome to HIstakes!

HIstakes is the name of the grand sweepstakes that we offer to our Harris Poll Online participants and other invited guests. We offer a variety of prizes, including a BIG $10,000 cash prize (USD). The more surveys you complete, the more chances you have to win. Congratulations to all our winners! See our sweepstakes rules.


Trade-In HIpoints Monthly Sweepstakes

The winners for this sweepstakes have been selected. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the following winners! 

May 2015
  • L. Winks- OH, USA
  • L. Thompson– PA, USA
April 2015
  • D. Blake- IA, USA
  • E. Discuillo– CT, USA
March 2015
  • C. Morelly- MI USA
February 2015
  • F. Reilly- OH, USA
  • R. Newell– MI, USA
January 2015
  • P. Davies– IN, USA
  • A. Moriarity– LA, USA
December 2014
  • H. Johnson-GA, USA
  • G. Bowdler-SC, USA
November 2014
  • L. Hunter-NC,USA
  • H. Scholten-IA,USA
October 2014
  • M. Kehoe– CA, USA
  • F. Reilly– OH, USA
September 2014
  • L. Winks-OH,USA
  • P. Schneider– NY, USA
August, 2014
  • H. Caudle-NC, USA
  • R. Cargle-GA,USA
July 2014
  • J. Reed– TX, USA
  • L. Winks– OH, USA
June 2014
  • T. Wigton– KY, USA
  • A. Toney– VA, USA
May 2014
  • G. Phelps– GA, USA
  • A. Pillay– TX, USA
April 2014
  • K. Abdulmajied– CA, USA
  • D. Nagle– MI, USA
March 2014
  • K. Rucker– TX, USA
  • L. Rider– FL, USA
February 2014
  • L. Fritz– IL, USA
  • R. Sargenta– FL, USA
January 2014
  • N. Swierk– MD, USA
  • P. Schneider– NY, USA

HIstakes Winner's Circle - 2015

Grand Prize Winners $10,000

  • October/November/December:
  • July/August/September:
  • April/May/June: L. Meglio of Rhode Island, USA
  • January/February/March: S. Loy of Florida, USA

HIstakes Winner's Circle - 2014

Grand Prize Winners $10,000

  • October/November/December: M. Litt of California, USA   
  • July/August/September: C. Schweinsberger of North Carolina, USA
  • April/May/June: M. Boyd of New York, USA
  • January/February/March: B. Williams of Washington, USA

HIstakes Winner's Circle - 2013

Grand Prize Winners $10,000

  • October/November/December: A. Lefebvre- France
  • July/August/September: B. Naïma - France
  • April/May/June: P. Donahue of Massachusetts, USA
  • January/February/March: J. Ragan of Alberta, Canada

Spin To Win Sweepstakes 3 First Prize Winners

  • T. DeLeon of Texas
  • D. Smith of Wisconsin
  • K. Penrose of Pennsylvania
  • M. Eaddy of Florida
  • J. Bok of Oregon
  • D. Parker of Georgia
  • S. Boudreau of Florida
  • D. Marton of Texas
  • D. McWain of Ohio
  • S. Henry of Ohio
  • R. Alexander of Georgia
  • J. Turner of Georgia
  • F. Curry of Virginia
  • E. Burgess of Michigan
  • K. Gamble of Pennsylvania
  • B. Sexton of Texas